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Our stairs can be built in six different stair types to fit your needs: double full open, double half open, full open, half open, closed boxed and L shaped

Learn How To Install A Basic Prefabricated Staircase

If you are installing an open stair, temporarily brace the staircase under its open stringer as shown. You will later need to build a wall under the open side.

Follow these steps, and you should have a rock-solid stair that will last you for years to come. And of course, if you need any help, or have any questions, please be sure to contact us at any time.

First make sure you some have help in getting the staircase into place. If your walls are not already covered by sheetrock or a wall covering, put some spacers in place. These should be same thickness as your sheetrock.

Set the horns or horn onto the second floor or platform. Push the stair tight to the spacers. Make sure your top riser follows your top floor or platform. Feel free to adjust if needed. Once good, screw the top riser into the header. It is generally best to pre-drill. Now your stairs should be sitting nice and level

If your stairs are not currently sitting on finished floors, place blocks or spacers the same thickness as your floors under the bottom riser. This will allow you to slide your flooring under the stair later.

Lastly, you want to screw from the bottom of the stair two screws into every stud you can reach. Be sure to place a block the same thickness as your wall covering if needed.

Learn How To Measure For You Prefabricated Stair Case Watch Our How To Measure For New Stairs Video

How to measure

Ordering your stairs can be as easy as 3 simple measurements