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Find out more about our build process, how to order and how easy it is to install our prefab stairs.

DQS Company

How long have you been in business?
DQS has been offering customers the ability to order stairs online since 2010. It’s parent company is a traditional brick and mortar stair company that has been in business since 1985. Some of DQS’s affiliates even longer!
Where can I read your Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy?
You can read it here. But in short, we never sell or share any of your information with anyone outside of DQS or the affiliate servicing your order. We will never call you or try to make you buy stairs that you have added to your cart. We will communicate with you on logistical questions or observations of your design.

General FAQ

Do you service my area?
Our full serviceable area includes all of NY, NJ, CT and PA. That said we have shipped fully assembled stairs, “knocked down” stair kits and pre-fit rail systems literally all over the country. We are not able to offer our measuring service or private truck delivery service outside our stated serviceable area.
Where are you located?
We are headquartered in Orange County, NY. with multiple manufacturing locations. Additionally, we have affiliates throughout our serviceable area.
How long will it take to get my stairs?
7 -10 working days from the time the order is placed. Workday ends at 3pm.
If I order a “knocked down” stair kit, what do I need to assemble it?
Some carpentry experience is helpful, you will also need:

A Hammer
Framing Square
Wood Glue
Drill or Screw Gun
Some Clamps
A Tape Measure

Watch our VIDEO to see how its done
Why do I have to sign up for an account just to see a quote?
Often times when people see our prices and realize that they can actually order a custom stair of their design right online, they do so. Since stairs, however are such a customized product, we need to be able to send drawings and communication to you. Hence, we ask that you validate your account by making sure we have the correct email address. We will never call you soliciting your business or trying to go over your quote.


Available Run
This is NOT the opening in the floor. This is the amount of space you have on your first floor (or whatever floor your stair will be landing on). This is a horizontal measurement. Is there a door opening there? A wall? Any other immovable object?
Floor Opening
This could be a critical measurement as it determines headroom. For example if you have enough available run to fit a stair with a standard rise and run but the cut out in the floor above the stair is not adequate as you walk up the stair your head can hit the ceiling. If customers do not provide this measurement, we have no way of determining head room.
Stair Width
This measurement is from outside of stringer to outside of stringer. First measure your stair opening. Don’t forget when measuring you allow for Sheetrock or any other wall covering that you may want to put on the walls after the stairs are installed. Typically Sheetrock would slip behind the stringers after stair install. Additionally if measuring for a Closed Box Stair (between two walls), allow at least a .25″ of space to allow for any variance in the walls. Lastly, if you are ordering an open stair (wall on one side) the width you enter into our system is stringer to stringer. Hence your open tread will overhang the open stringer by 1.25″.
Total Rise
This is a vertical measurement from finished floor to finished floor. Remember that your finished floors are not always installed at time of measure. For example, tile to hardwood is your finished floor measurement, yet you may have concrete and sub floor there now (because tile and hardwood is not yet installed. Calculate the finished floor.


Can I place an order over the phone?
Absolutely. Simply call 800.718.3011
I have a couple of special requests I need on my stair order. How do I communicate that to you?
Best way for you to add any notes to your stair order is by using the notes section during the finalization of your order as seen below. Of course you can always feel free to call or email as well:
Is your website secure?
In short, YES! By the time you get to the online stairbuilder, your browser is in https:// mode and is secure and verified. You should see a green lock in your browser address bar indicating the security. Additionally, we use stripe and paypal to accept payments.
When is my credit card charged?
At the time of the order.


Why am I paying Sales Tax?
DQS is licensed in NY, NJ and CT to collect state sales tax. If you are ordering from another state you are responsible for the sales tax and DQS does not collect it.
I see a spot to enter a Promo Code. Are there any specials going on that I don't know about?
There might be! Check out our sales page here.
Why are stair kits the same price as fully assembled stairs?
They should cost more, believe it or not. In fact this may change coming up soon. DQS has to fully assemble the stair then we “knock it down” to ship to you. It is quite literally more work and time for us to ship a stair kit than a fully assembled stair. For the time being enjoy the built in savings of not paying more for a stair kit.