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Space saver stairs

A unique solution for narrow and shallow access areas!


The alternating tread space saver stair from Discount Quality Stairs is a unique and stylish solution for narrow and shallow access areas. All too often customers will try to “fit” a conventional styled stair into a small space such as an attic, loft or basement. When you do this you wind up with a high rise (the part your toe kicks as you walk up the stairs) and shallow tread (the part your foot steps on). The space saver stair with alternating treads allows you to have a more conventional riser height while still allowing you to have a full tread to place your foot on. Efficiency at its best!


Even though the alternating tread stair from DQS is stylish and a potential conversation piece, please keep in mind this style stair is NOT for every application. It is a better looking and more comfortable alternative to a ships ladder or otherwise very steep conventional staircase. It would be ideal in places such as lofts, attics or basements. We have seen them installed in mezzanines and in roof hatches to sub-basements and everywhere in between.


Why did we decide to start offering this unconventional styled staircase? Time and time again customers would put measurements into our online stairbuilder that would result in a high rise and shallow run. Our customers simply had no other choice but to live with the space they had available and would ask for us to build them a very steep stair regardless. So we cringed and delivered the stairs to them. Of course they worked and the customers were happy, but we would feel better if there was at least a slightly better option to offer. Extending the foundation walls of our customers houses was out of the question, so we decided to offer the alternating tread space saving stair. V’iola it was a hit!


The alternating tread space saving stair is just slightly more costly than a conventional stair and exponentially less costly than blowing out your foundation walls in order fit a staircase in! In time we will be adding this design to the online stairbuilder. Until then please feel free to design your stair using our closed box stair and add some notes that you want an option to turn the stair into a space saving one.

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