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An incredible, hand-crafted staircase enhances interior décor while providing both functionality and elegance.

Discount Quality Stairs builds eye-catching, quality staircases and stair systems. For more than 30 years, home owners and builders have entrusted Discount Quality Stairs to create quality stairs designed to fit their needs, while remaining Easy – Fast & Reliable.


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At Discount Quality Stairs, we offer professional courtesy, technical expertise, and reasonable pricing structures for projects of all levels of complexity. Our hard work, excellent service and quality products have earned us a great reputation among contractors and home owners nationwide. We achieve the best value by selecting the highest quality materials and experienced craftsmen at a reasonable price. The final result is a beautiful staircase designed to last for generations.

What We Do

In addition to having our own staircase manufacturing plants, to provide you with either fully assembled pre-fab staircases or “knocked down” stair kits, we have a relationship with all the leading stair and rail manufacturers in your area and elsewhere in the region. We solicit from them the best possible deal, couple it with our outstanding service and you get a deal that's hard to beat! It is our mission to provide our customers with superior products at fair prices without sacrificing helpful service.

How We Do It

All too often manufacturers are forced to pass on the costs of interest on lines of credit or other operational costs (like advertising or expensive sales people) to YOU! We get rid of all those extra charges, help out the manufacturer wherever able, and get a killer deal on stairs. Of course being a leading online stair broker we get bulk and other discounts, then we pass those savings on to our valued customer. You save by giving us your measurements or for a nominal fee we can measure your project for you.

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Hudson Valley Stairs

We have an excellent selection of Staircases, so why waste time shopping around Hudson Valley when you can get a great deal on Stairs with the help of Discount Quality Staircases? Call us today if you're looking for Stairs and we'll give you an instant quote. We can also provide you with a competitive price in Hudson Valley. Get a quote for your project now and order later.

If you're looking for one-of-kind Staircases for your home or business, Discount Quality Stairs can help. We make online ordering simple. Use our online builder for Staircases to select L shaped Stairs, open plans, and much more, right from the comfort of your own Hudson Valley home. Order online and have your Stairs shipped to your Hudson Valley home.